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Raise Funds Today

Grow Funds Forever

Angel Giving makes sustainable funding simple, so you can focus on what you do best: Changing lives. Using our nonprofit endowment accounts, you can find donors faster and make their donations go further. 

FREE to setup, with no upfront fees or costs.

Financial sustainability made simple

Create your web3 endowment for free today! Start collecting donations, invest them to grow your capital in perpetuity and achieve financial sustainability.

Grow your funds easily and securely through automated index strategies, or take a hands-on approach to choose your own mix.

Expand your donor base

Angel Giving makes it easy to accept donations of all types, from anywhere in the world, directly into your endowment.

We eliminate the complexities of accepting crypto and stock donations, giving you immediate access to a young, growing, and engaged donor base through our free marketplace or widget integration on your site

Less admin work, more changing lives

We make fundraising & investing simple so you can focus on your mission.

Automated tax receipts, downloadable donation history, streamlined accounting and an intuitive interface make it easy to raise more funds while doing less busy work.

About our endowments

Our endowments are built on Angel Protocol’s web3 infrastructure


Angel Endowments are software executed on a blockchain. Rather than needing to trust (& pay) a money manager, you control your funds directly through trustless transparent code


We do not hold custody of any of your funds. The signatories that create the Angel Impact Fund are the only ones allowed to move funds.



Our code has been audited by blue chip cybersecurity firms including Oak Security and SCV security.

The giving solution your donors want

Through Angel Giving, your donors amplify their impact with enduring donations.

Not only do donors receive an immediate tax-deductible receipt for their donation,they also enjoy capital gains benefits when donating crypto or stocks.

The ability to donate any type of asset without borders allows you to meet donors where they are and make giving easy for everyone involved.

Amplify giving with our CSR giving partners

Our +100 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partners take a giving pledge, committing a portion of revenue to Angel Giving, distributing more than $3 million to NPOs across the world.

Many of our NPOs have successfully partnered with CSR partner NFT projects to gamify giving and engage donors in novel and effective ways.

Trusted by over 170 NPOs around the world


Faith Flanagan

Angel Giving is an incredible idea, platform and opportunity.
I have loved working with the team


Sarah Hornby

Having an untied, passive income stream from an endowment is highly appealing to complement our other revenue streams.”

Daniel Carranza

We are in love with the easy process Angel Giviing has created to start an endowment. We always focused on recurring giving with donors. This takes it to the next level. I think we can grow our endowment to preserve our efforts through time.

Jenna Edwards

I personally like to check our AG balance weekly.  Looking at the endowment growth week by week gives me a little spark of inspiration. The network of AP’s audience seems to be incredibly responsive to crypto’s empowerment. We hope to tap into that.